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We sell fully restored American antique and vintage cast iron cookware. Choose from brands like Erie / Griswold, Wagner / Sidney, Lodge, Birmingham Stove and Range, Favorite Piqua, Wapak, Chicago Hardware Foundry, Martin, and more! We sell cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, waffle irons, griddles and cast iron bakeware

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Vintage Kitchen Brands 5: Le Creuset The French enamel cast iron pans launched as early as the 1920s however, it took 50 years for the UK to embrace this bright orange cookware. In 1972 the Italian designer Enzo Mari came on board and redesigned the traditional ranges with a new modern look, that was a must have item on everyone's wedding.

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3 Things to Look Out for When Buying Vintage Cast Iron. 1. Warping. Check to see how flat the pan lies and to see if there is movement when pressing along the upper edge. A small amount of movement is pretty common, especially with larger pans, and shouldn't be a major concern. If you are using a flat cooktop, like a convection or electric.

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The Cast Iron Collector: Information for the Vintage Cookware Enthusiast. Learn how to identify, clean, restore, season and use collectible antique cast iron cookware. Home; Cast Iron Collecting;. Brands include: Erie (1880-1905) Griswold's Erie (1907-1909) Victor (economy brand)(1900s-1930s) Griswold (1909-1957)

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A lesser-known brand of vintage ironware cookware is Favorite Piqua Ware. The cooking surface on the skillets is some of the best I have seen. However, many buyers look over this name in favor of Griswold and Wanger. So, you might find an excellent vintage pan at a lower price. Although all Piqua Ware skillets are top-notch, watch for the.

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The Cast Iron Collector: Information for the Vintage Cookware Enthusiast. Information on vintage cast iron cookware production, manufacturers, foundries, patents, trademarks and markings, specialty ware, unmarked ware, reproductions, and more! Learn how to identify, clean, restore, season and use collectible antique and modern cast iron.

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There are many sites cataloging lines of Corningware or other popular vintage cookware brands like Bakelite, Pyrex, and others. They'll tell you helpful giveaways to look for like stamps, serial.

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Aluminum Cookware - Marks. On the underside of this Club Aluminum pan numbered 109, a four-leaf clover-like design containing the name " Club " and, under this, the word "Aluminum.". Below, the uppercase words "HAMMERCRAFT COOKWARE TRADE MARK REG.". The handle of this professional-grade wok bears, in uppercase lettering, the mark.

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Vintage Club Cast Aluminum Cookware Skillet Fry Pan Beige Enamel 9". $15.00. $18.60 shipping. New Listing Club Aluminum 2 Qt. Pan / Pot with Lid, Vintage.

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A straightedge or ruler. A small magnet. Collector's guidebooks (e.g., the Blue and Red Books) Smartphone with internet and camera functionality. To determine the quality of the pan, look for: Cracks Use your fingertips to feel all over the cast-iron, and follow up with a close visual inspection with your flashlight.

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Vintage Federal Vogue enameled ware, with set-in cover & bakelite knob (1958) HERE'S A GENUINE COOKWARE VALUE. For this only 69c, this handy two-quart Vogue yellow enameled saucepan is a "must" for every kitchen. Features modern straight-side design, set-in cover, and "stay-cool" (Also available in white with red trim.)

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The easiest home method is to stir together lemon juice and salt, rub it in with a cloth, and let it rest. (Sweeney adds a drop of lavender or wild orange essential oil, purely for the aroma.

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Vintage 1940s Guardian Service Cookware Serveware Cast Aluminum Pots, Pans, Platter *Pick Pieces* (22) $ 35.00. a. All-Clad 0.5 Qt Stainless Steel Cocotte Mini Pot With Lid BRAND NEW, One Pot Related to Cookware. pasta board cast iron spatula copper roasting.

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If your skillet lacks brand logos or signs, look for a slash mark on its base. This mark shows a superior 1700s make and raises the value by 10 - 12%. 5. Old Cast Iron Skillet Numbers. If you look at your antique cast iron skillet's base, you'll always see embossed letters and numbers.

Best Stainless Steel Cookware Brands Review 2022 Best House Decors

Vintage Golden Rabbit Blue Swirl Splatter Dutch Oven Enamel Pot With Lid/Vintage Blue Enamelware Casserole Dish/Vintage Cookware. (334) $38.00. FREE shipping. Mauviel, Lefevre or Havard 2qt / 20cm, 2.7qt /22cm, or 3.3qt / 24cm restored vintage copper saute, 1.8mm. Workhorse stovetop to oven fry pan.

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Brass Cooking Pot Brass Serving Vessel Kitchenware Utensils Unique Brass Tapeli Cooking Bowls Brass Round Pot Handicraft Brass Kitchen Pot. (1.1k) $40.93. $45.48 (10% off) Sale ends in 11 hours. FREE shipping. 1.9mm Initialed Vintage Copper 8-3/4" Saucepan. 5lb. 3oz.