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As you can see, these brands are very similar, but there are some differences which count. The first one is, of course, meat quality, where Shady Brook is superior. Their turkeys are pastured and have 5 grams more protein per lb than Butterball turkeys. Also, Shady Brook Farms is significantly cheaper, so you have a better price-quality ratio.

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Due to concerns that ground turkey branded Honeysuckle White, HEB, and Kroger may be contaminated by a drug-resistant salmonella strain, a new recall is in effect. The meat, which weighs 185,000 pounds, is in danger. According to Cargill, the turkey's producer, a Minneapolis-based food conglomerate. Is it possible to inject a Honeysuckle turkey?

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Butterball vs. Honeysuckle Turkey: The Showdown. When it comes to Thanksgiving or any special occasion, the choice of turkey can make or break a meal. Butterball and Honeysuckle are two of the most popular brands of turkey available in the market. Both promise quality and delicious flavor, but which one is truly the best option?

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re: Butterball Turkey vs. Honeysuckle Turkey (or off brand) Posted on 11/18/21 at 12:31 pm to USMCTIGER1970. The wife (no pics) and I have been doing both for years. The brine we do is a flavored brine (i.e. not just salt) and we only brine the bird for 6 hours. After rinsing we inject with Cajun Garlic Butter.

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Butterball turkeys are typically less expensive and easier to handle than Jennie-O products. Their birds are available in a wider range of sizes, too. However, Jennie-O is devoted to humane farming practices, so if that's an important factor in your decision-making, opt for one of their turkeys instead.

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For Butterball Turkey, after preheating the oven, 350°F is a safe temperature. Butterball Turkey needs about 15-18 minutes in the oven. While the Jennie o turkey can be cooked at a temperature as low as 250°F but for a minimin of 30 minutes. Here's a general hack for both teams.

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The per-pound price for Butterball turkeys hovers at around $1, even around the holidays. Within that same time frame, you might be able to procure a store brand turkey for under 40 cents per pound. Of course, prices fluctuate depending on the store, not to mention the time of year. Check the labels to be sure you're getting the best deal.

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Best Turkey Breast for Thanksgiving. 4. D'Artagnan Natural Bone-In Turkey Breast. What We Like: naturally raised, broad-breasted hybrid breed, antibiotics- and growth hormone-free, includes ribs, wing meat and back and neck skin, affordable. What We Don't Like: breast less impressive than a whole bird.

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Check out our Thanksgiving food shopping tips. Best Value Bird: Aldi Never Any! Young Turkey. Price per pound, at the time of publish: $1.89. The Aldi Never Any! turkey is a bargain, and some of.

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The difference between Butterball and Honeysuckle turkey brands lies in their processing procedures. While the brand of the frozen turkey does not really matter, as the processing plant may just change labels, Butterball has its own processing plants and unique procedures.. Is a Butterball turkey the same as a regular Turkey?. Proper brining, seasoning, and roasting can make a regular frozen.

Honeysuckle White Turkey vs. Butterball Differences & Which Is Better

Still, Butterball's availability is slightly higher than Honeysuckle White's. Even though Honeysuckle White turkeys can be purchased all year round, they are primarily available during the holidays, and their availability is more limited year-round. Still, the product availability of both brands depends mostly on the season and the location.

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Fresh Bell & Evans Turkey. Weight: 13 lbs. (2.99 per lb.) Average rank: 3 ½ forks. Pros: This free-range turkey was the highest ranking of the bunch, winning our Epi Top Pick. "It actually tastes.

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Honeysuckle White turkeys are pre-brined, which is the secret to the succulent texture of the meat. They come to you already tendered, making your job way easier. Jennie-O turkeys, on the other hand, are milder in taste, which is the main difference between these two turkeys. So, if you gravitate more toward the gentler and softer flavors, it.

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Options. 11-24-2020 05:39 PM. I prefer the Honeysuckle White brand, or the fresh turkey breasts at Kroger. Probably haven't bought Butterball brand more than 2x in 46 years. Report Inappropriate Content. Message 10 of 20 (2,180 Views) Reply. 3. 1.


I doubt there's much difference at all between any of the major brands of frozen turkeys. We generally buy them by price and stock up the freezer this time of year. One store has them for $3.95 for turkeys between 10# - 16# and $5.95 for the ones over 16#. That's per each turkey, not per pound.


Regular Turkey Comparison. Butterball Turkey. Regular Turkey. Preparation Time. Ultra-Quick Preparation, Purchase & Roast In Or Out Of Bag. Overnight Brining And +- 60 Minutes Preparation. Flavor. Reliable, Better-Than-Average Flavor For Novices And Those Pressed For Time. Best Potential Flavor With Highest Chance Of Failure Resulting In Lesser.