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Chesapeake Bay seasoning is a savory blend of herbs and spices that captures the essence of the coastal region it hails from. The exact ingredients can vary, but it typically includes a combination of **bay leaves**, **paprika**, **mustard**, **celery salt**, **black pepper**, and **red pepper**. This unique blend of flavors creates a seasoning.

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Instructions. Place celery seed, black peppercorns, cloves, cardamom and salt in a spice grinder and grind into a fine powder. Place the powder in an airtight container and add the ground bay leaves, mustard, ginger, paprika, allspice, cayenne and cinnamon. Stir to combine. This spice mixture can be stored for up to a month.

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OLD BAY. Add an indelible chef's touch - and zest - to seafood dishes and more with OLD BAY® spice, featuring celery seed, paprika, mustard, salt, red pepper, black pepper and more. This 75-year-old Chesapeake Bay seasoning is the perfect flavor solution for providing consistent, time-honored taste to your restaurant's recipes.

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Use it as a seasoning for a low country boil or crab boil. Mix it into mashed potatoes or sprinkle it on roasted potatoes. Stir it into egg salad or chicken salad. Use it in your deviled egg filling. Mix with sour cream to make an easy appetizer dip. Sprinkle on corn on the cob, popcorn, or fries.

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Old Bay Seasoning Recipe. Once you've gathered up the ingredients it takes just a couple of minutes to make. Place all of the ingredients in a coffee or spice grinder or small blender and grind until it's a smooth powder. Transfer the spice blend to an airtight jar and store in a dark, cool place. For optimal flavor use within 3 months.

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Whether for a classic crab boil, a Bloody Mary with a shoreline twist, or a tasty shake on popcorn, our Chesapeake Bay Seasoning will have you pulling on your favorite pair of madras shorts in no time. Jar, 1/2 Cup, 2.7 oz. $8.99. Flatpack, 1/2 Cup $8.79. *Flatpacks ship for free - always!

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What is Chesapeake seasoning made of? An authentic blend of spices commonly used for seasoning seafood and meat on the East Coast. Crafted with a hand-mixed combination of ingredients including salt, paprika, mustard, ancho, celery, black and red pepper, dill, caraway, allspice, ginger, cardamom, thyme, bay, mace, cinnamon, savory, and cloves..

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1tsp / 1C paprika. 1/2tsp / 3T mustard powder. 1/2tsp / 3T onion powder. 1/4tsp / 1T garlic powder. 1/4tsp / 1T cayenne pepper. Mix all the spices together until well blended. Allow to sit at least overnight for flavor to meld together before using. Keep in a tightly sealed container for up to 6 months. Tweet.

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Naming it after a local steamship line, Brunn began distributing samples to local crab steamers and fishmongers. Soon enough, Old Bay became the region's go-to seasoning for blue crab boils.

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Our house blend Old Chesapeake Bay Seasoning is a mixture of herbs and spices believed to have originated in Baltimore, Maryland. Old Chesapeake Bay Seasoning is traditionally used to season steamed hard-shell crabs and crab cakes. Because of its delicious flavor, Old Chesapeake Bay has gone from being strictly a crab seasoning to an all-purpose seasoning used on grilled fish, seafood, fried.

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In a separate bowl, combine the crab meat, parsley, and Ritz crackers. To combine, mix very lightly. Mix together the crab mixture and the wet ingredients lightly. Make a small "pocket" with a knife for the crab stuffing in each chicken breast. Fill each pocket with a mound of crab filling and fold over to close.

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Chesapeake Style is the great traditional flavor of Maryland that can be used for crab cakes, or sprinkled on shrimp, tilapia, salmon and more. Invite your friends to enjoy authentic Chesapeake flavor. Ingredients: Sea Salt, Spices, Celery Seed Powder, Paprika, Mustard Powder, Paprika Extract.

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2. Mix the spices in the right proportions. Mix together Old Bay seasoning, paprika, celery salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and ground mustard in a mixing bowl. Feel free to adjust the amounts based on your personal taste. You can experiment with the quantities to find the perfect flavor for your dish. 3.

Chesapeake Bay Seasoning Seafood Seasoning Mix The Spice House

Directions. In a small mixing bowl, stir together salt, cayenne, celery seed, paprika, mustard, black pepper, bay leaf, allspice, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, and cinnamon until well-combined. Seasoning mix will keep indefinitely in a tightly covered container, stored at cool room temperature in a dark place. **Note** If you eat a lot of seafood.

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In a small mixing bowl, stir together salt, cayenne pepper, celery seed, paprika, mustard, black pepper, bay leaf, allspice, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, and cinnamon until well combined. Store this seasoning mix in a tightly covered container at cool room temperature in a cool, dark place. While it is best to use this Chesapeake Bay seasoning mix.

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The original Old Bay Seasoning was invented in the 1940s by an American-German immigrant named Gustav Brunn. Initially, it was intended only for use on crab meat (as there was plenty of it in the Chesapeake Bay area where Gustav lived), but in the last decade or so, it's been used in other food areas, such as poultry and salads.