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If you ask us, hosting the perfect book club comes down to a few key things: a good group, some quality refreshments— like having a few bottles of editor-favorite wine, La Crema, on hand for hosting —and a great book. With these essentials at the ready, book club night will be nothing short of successful. Whether you fall into the "can.

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A book club is a great way to get friends together, and with our easy tips, hosting it doesn't have to be stressful. Of course, the most important part is choosing the right book for your crew. Then, you'll need to name a time and place to meet. (Just be sure you give everyone enough time to finish the book!)

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Assemble books in stacks of two or three down a dining table, for large groups, or in the center of a coffee table for a smaller crowd. Top each stack with a small vase of flowers or a candle nestled safely inside a mason jar. Using a few reclaimed books from your local thrift store, tear out the pages and glue them into runners (like the one.

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Planning a book club party? See our step-by-step guide for a fun Girls' Night In. Atonement, Ian McEwan Serve high tea and transport your book group to pre-WWII England and the large country estate of the Tallis family. Cucumber Tea Sandwiches with Mint-Chile Butter Ham-Stuffed Biscuits with Mustard Butter Plum Pudding Tartlets Classic Scones

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1 / 29 If You're Reading: Where the Crawdads Sing Serve your guests a taste of South Carolina's marshlands with a delectable blackberry cobbler. Just be sure to serve it with a scoop of ice cream or whipped cream. Buy the Book Get the Mama's Blackberry Cobbler Recipe 2 / 29 INSUNG JEON/GETTYIMAGES If You're Reading: Crying in H Mart: A Memoir

Book Launch Club • Gardenary

Some book clubs serve entire dinners at their meetings, with menus that reflect themes or settings of the book. For example, if your book club was reading Moby Dick, you might serve New England style lobster rolls. (And if you do, be sure to invite me!)

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Every member takes turns hosting: The host picks the book, plans the meal, and does all the work once and then gets to enjoy all the other book club meetings as a guest. Potluck style: Every member takes turns hosting and picking the book of the month.

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Book Club Recipe Ideas Dishes to Wow Your Book Club Remember: it's book club, not gourmet club. Serve the group a simple and delicious meal, let the wine flow—and they'll want to have every meeting at your house. By Lynn Andriani Photo: Marcus Nilsson The Pasta Everyone Can Agree On

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1. Buffalo Chicken Celery Boats Buffalo Chicken Celery Boats is the first on the list of best appetizers for book club. Look no further than buffalo chicken celery boats if you're looking for the perfect appetizer to serve at your book club gathering. This delicious dish is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

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1. Sweet and Salty Snack Board Is your book club filled with people with wildly different tastes? Are you constantly trying to figure out what to bring to please everyone? Then check out this recipe for the sweet and salty snack board. It has a little bit of everything.

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Make something easy and shareable. Food ideas from our survey respondents include shareable snacks such as cheese and crackers, charcuterie trays, and fruit and veggie arrangements. Meals that are easy to separate into individual portions are also great for sharing. An especially beloved dish among book clubs is quiche.

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Is your book club getting a bit boring or you're just thinking about starting one and need some awesome ideas how to make it fun and entertaining? Here are some super creative book club ideas you can try, from reading club menus and party favors to book club themes and DIY decor the story to a successful book club unravels below!

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Book club tips and inspiration How to Run a Book Club Discussion That Everyone Will Love Updated: Dec 05, 2023 Author Zoe Epstein You've done it! You've started your book club, invited friends to join, and now (gulp…) it's time for your first book club meeting. Don't panic!

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21 Tasty Ideas to Serve at a Book Club Brunch Party Looking for a change of pace for hosting your next book club gathering? We've got some delicious ideas for a book club brunch menu! Do you belong to a book club? I always wanted to be part of one and eventually decided to just start one myself.

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Serving themed food creates another way for your book club to connect with the character plus pushes your culinary creativity! For example: Is your next book pick Jasmine Guillory's The Wedding Date? Why not feast on snacks inspired by Alexa and Drew's meet-cute in the elevator with some baked brie and crackers (with champagne, of course).

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9 Easy Smoked Salmon Dip with Capers. 10 Spinach Feta Pinwheels - Irresistible! 11 Chocolate Toffee Cookies - Outrageously Delicious. 12 Key Lime Pie Bars - Sweet, Tart & Tasty! - That Skinny Chick Can Bake. 13 Palm Beach Mocha Brownies - Rich & Fudgy! 14 Butterscotch Blondies with White Chocolate Chips #TwoSweetiePies.